Top 10 Tractor Implements in India - Agricultural Implements

Implements are now becoming essential to walk with developing pace of the world. Implement help to improve your effectivity and efficiency in the field. Here we are showing Top 10 Tractor Implements | Top 10 Tractor Attachments for your agriculture.

Using Agricultural Implements Farms

It is observed that the main purpose behind the low productivity and low income is because of average Indian farmers are not using implements in their farms. India has wide agriculture machinery producers even than most of the farmers are not using agricultural implements, even some farmers are doing farming without tractors. That’s why productivity is not gaining according to the work done on the farms. Know more about Agricultural Implements Information. The country is developing day by day and innovations also take place with a growing country we also developed it by using innovative products which are discovered for our ease. We have to remain in sync with innovations to remain up with current times and make the full use of them.

Top 10 Implements for Your Tractor

1. Rotavator / Rotary Tiller

Rotary Tiller

Rotavator is also known as a rotary tiller. Rotating blades for breaking and digging the soil is called rotavator. Rotavators are automotive or an attachment behind a tractor.

Types of Rotavator

  • Ground Tiller
  • Medium Duty Rotavator
  • Heavy Duty Rotavator

Uses of Rotavator

  • Soil Preparation
  • Used in Gardens
  • Planting Seeds
  • To Break up the soil

Popular Rotavator in India

  • Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 205
  • Dasmesh 642 (6 Feet)
  • Shaktiman Side Shift Series SRT

2. Cultivator


The cultivator is the implement used to remove weeds out of cultivation. In short, we can say that cultivator is a machine used for loosening the soil.

Types of Cultivator

  • Spring Tyne Cultivator
  • Rigid Tyne Cultivator
  • Rigid Tyne Shovel Type Cultivator
  • Bar Point Cultivator

Uses of Cultivator

  • Prepare Seedbed
  • Warm the Soil
  • Control Weeds
  • Mix and Absorbe the soil

Popular Cultivator of India

  • John Deere Heavy Duty Rigid Type
  • Mahindra Duckfoot
  • Sonalika 11 TYNE

3. Harrow


Harrow is a farming implement which is used to pull tractor behind it has metal teeth or disks for breaking and flatten soil.

Types of Harrow

  • Spring Harrows
  • Roller Harrow
  • Chain Harrow
  • Disc Harrows

Uses of Harrow

  • Breaking up the surface of the soil
  • Smoothing the surface of the soil
  • Deeper tillage

Popular Harrow in India

  • Agristar Power Harrow 615 PH
  • Fieldking Tandem Disc Harrow Medium Series – USA
  • Shaktiman Power Harrow Regular

4. Plough


Plough is also known as a plow. Plough is a big farming implement which has one or many blades used for loosing the soil before seeding or planting.

Types of Plough

  • Rotary Plough
  • Chisel or sub surface Plough
  • Sub Soiler Plough
  • Mould Board Plough
  • Disc Type Plough

Uses of Plough

  • Use in hard lands
  • Dry soils
  • Shrubby or bushy land
  • Rocky land

Popular Plough in India

  • New Holland Mould Board-Reversible Hydraulic
  • Khedut MB Plough
  • Agristar Disc Plough 3 Furrow

5. Trailer


Trailer is a vehicle which is used as a temporarily bring something to the place of business. The trailer can’t move on its own it needs to be pulled by a tractor or other vehicle.

Types of Trailer

  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Dry Vans or Enclosed Trailers
  • Refrigerated Trailers
  • Lowboy Trailers
  • Step Deck Trailers
  • Extendable Flatbed Trailers
  • Stretch Single Drop Deck Trailers
  • Removable Gooseneck Trailer (RGN)
  • Speciality Trailers
  • Side-kit Trailers
  • Extendable Double Drop Trailers
  • Stretch RGN Trailers
  • Conestoga Trailer
  • Power-Only Trailers
  • Multi-Car Trailer

Uses of Trailer

  • transport of goods
  • Hauling Lawn Care EquipmentCarrying Vehicles or Small Tractors
  • Picking Up Building Supplies
  • Hauling ATVs & Recreational Vehicles
  • Moving Furniture and Appliances

Popular Trailer in India

  • Soil Master Tipping Trailer Large (6 Ton)
  • Fieldking Non Tipping Trailer FKAT4WNT

6. Roto Seed Drill

Roto Seed Drill 

Roto Seed Drill is the fusion of Rotavator or Seed Drill. Its gears are strong and powerful. Roto Seed Drill is mainly made for sowing after harvesting and simultaneously crushing and mixing the stubble.

Uses of Roto Seed Drill

  • Fuel efficient
  • Preserves the moisture in the soil
  • Spreading of seeds
  • Spreading of fertilizer

Popular Roto Seed Drill in India

  • Ks Group KS Bhim Roto Drill
  • Dasmesh Seed Drill 642 (6 Feet)
  • Shaktiman Roto Seed Drill SRDS 7

7. Baler


Baler is also known for hay baler is farm equipment used to flatten, transport, store etc. Baler is a huge collection of crop or anything makes ready for shipping, sale etc.

Types of Baler

  • Vertical baler
  • Horizontal baler
  • Auto-Tie baler
  • Closed-Door baler

Uses of Baler

  • weigh several tons
  • larger scale feedlot production

Popular Baler in India

  • New Holland Small Round Baler
  • Claas MARKANT
  • Maschio Gaspardo Round Baler EXTREME LT-LTC 265

8. Planter


Planter is agriculture equipment, usually tugged behind a tractor that sows seeds in rows all over the field. Planter is attached to the tractor with a drawbar.

Uses of Planter

  • Pen the planting furrow
  • Meter the seeds
  • Deposit them in the furrow

Popular Planter of India

  • Fieldking Multi Crop Row

9. Sprayer


A sprayer is equipment used for spraying a liquid. A sprayer is used to spray pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides etc on crops.

Types of Sprayer

  • Knapsack Sprayer
  • Portable Power Sprayer
  • Knapsack Power Sprayer
  • Mist Dust Sprayer
  • HTP Sprayers
  • Orchard Sprayers

Uses of Sprayer

  • Projection of water
  • Weed killers
  • Crop performance materials
  • Pest maintenance chemicals

Popular Sprayer in India

  • Maschio Gaspardo MOUNTED SPRAYER
  • Maschio Gaspardo MOUNTED MIST BLOWER 400

10. Straw Reaper

 Straw Reaper

A Straw Reaper is also an agriculture implement used to cut, thresh, and clean the straw in one operation. Straw Reaper is used with the tractor.

Uses of Straw Reaper

  • Cutting
  • Threshing
  • Cleaning the straw

Popular Straw Reaper in India

  • Ks Group KSA 756 DB (Plate Model)
  • Kartar Straw Reaper 56
  • Mahindra Straw Reaper

So, these are the top 10 implements which are effective and give more productivity using with a tractor. If you already purchased a tractor then add some implements will surely increase the ability of your tractor.



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