Agritecture works with new entrepreneurs and expanding operators to navigate the crucial planning stages for their urban farming businesses to become successful, avoid costly mistakes, and get up and running as fast as possible.

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Agritecture's Farm Design Service Covers

Site Analysis

We will guide you through the site analysis process utilizing our internal checklist of considerations and process of elimination. Whether your farm is a greenhouse, indoor vertical, or rooftop system, we have the experience to select the optimal choice for your investment.

Equipment Selection

Agritecture's team can recommend top providers and create a framework to help you reach a data-driven decision on equipment options that work for your specific budget, business objectives, site, and crops

HVAC Analysis

Understanding the required climate conditions, vapor pressure deficit, heating and cooling parameters are essential for any CEA operation. Agritecture's energy experts will develop an HVAC analysis profile for your operation based on the location's climate conditions and environmental setpoints for the desired crops. This will help determine the climate control system and strategy required to maintain ideal growing conditions.

3D Farm Model

We will draft a 3D model of your farm for visualization purposes. These models are used to understand key elements and activities in the farm and can be used for internal and external purposes. Models are provided in .skp or .dwg format.

Farm Layout

We will design your farming systems, structures, and workflow, drafting a layout of them so that you can better understand how your operation will perform at scale. Designs are provided in .skp or .dwg format.

A Sample of Farm Design Projects From Our Portfolio

Farm One

Farm.One is an indoor vertical farm in Manhattan using hydroponic technology to grow rare culinary herbs for New York City's finest restaurant chefs.

Location: India

Services Rendered: Design / Feasibility / Recruiting / Support

Urban Oasis

India's first commercial vertical farm grows leafy greens for retail purposes. Agritecture proposed a custom design for Urban Oasis's unique location in a parking garage and assisted with installation.

Location: India

Services Rendered: Design / Feasibility / Recruiting / Support


NXTLVL Farms is a CEA operator in the India that grows leafy greens and mushrooms for restaurants, retailers and consumers. With their container farm technology, NXTLVL Farms is able to provide a consistent supply of fresh produce to their customers.

Location: India

Services Rendered: Design / Feasibility / Recruiting / Support

NP High School

NP High School is a high school in India looking to produce 50% of its food locally. Agritecture developed a plan to make this possible.

Location: India

Services Rendered: Design / Feasibility / Recruiting / Support



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